Based in Athens : Accepting waitlist for Istanbul & Cairo

Figen Bico


[trauma informed] Experiential intimacy / sex practitioner offers a body centered, hands on approach for clients who wish to:

  • surrender into pleasure

  • develop holistic sexual health practices

  • diminish the lingering effects [sexual] abuse & neglect

Versed in energy based practices to include, therapeutic Ayurvedic Massage, Thai Massage, Meditative breathing, Conscious Touch practices, with ongoing Intimacy & Somatic Sex Education   ~ available for anyone who feels disconnected from self and others / who has forgotten what it feels like to be in the here and now / who has forgotten what it feels like to 'feel' ...

Please note: Although I encourage communicating your needs, I am not a talk therapist - I am the person you come to for hands on experience / treatment / healing. I don't try to fix you - we learn to feel, voice, as needed, and connect, Thank you